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About Us

This is a product, brought out by Qualde Digital Services Private Limited. As is common knowledge now that everybody is supposed to be computer literate and to the extent possible should know as much coding skills as possible. It is also recognise that everybody cannot become a computer science graduate however he or she should be adequately empowered to deal with the computer centric world. It has been the endeavour of this website to democratise the computer science and knowledge and bring into its ambit even those who have core only a school leaving certificate. The topics are related to computer coding like various languages men may frames business-related software is our explained in simple language and wherever possible videos have also been provided. This is followed by the coding examples. Further to instill the confidence in in the learner, questions have been set up which can be attempted by the learner.

Our team will go through the correctness of the coding practised by the learner’s and wherever possible the learner’s will be helped by correcting the discrepancies in the coding. It is hoped that the course material provided will immensely help the moderately qualified people to the extent that they will be able to solve common and small day-to-day problems on their computer. With this alphalearningschool.com team wish the learners well. The other aim of this website is to serve the student community who are shy in nature and do not dare to ask question in the classroom. The website can be utilised by students or their schools and colleges. The second part of the website has got some basic skeleton right now and will be fully developed with the passage of time.


The aim of this website is make the student to learn software programming languages and make good coding skills.



Machine Learning

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Company has been incorporated with a view to provide digital services by developing Algorithms Software products in the area of finance, investments, engineering, medical ,health care, artificial intelligence, management and big data analytics on national and global level; and by following business to consumer/business to business model.


Nester Raga Apts, C - Block Ground Floor, Unit -D ,Mahadevpuraa, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048.


+91 9740695977

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