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HCQL (Hibernate Criteria Query Language) : The Hibernate Criteria Query Language (HCQL) is used to fetch the data based on specific criteria/condition. The Criteria interface provides the methods to get data according to condition. Ex: From a table whose salary is greater than 10000.

Advantage of HCQL :  The HCQL provides methods to add criteria. Through this we can add some criteria according to need.

Syntax of createCriteria() method of Session interface :

public Criteria createCriteria(Class c)


Examples of Hibernate Criteria Query Language :

 To get all the records:

Crietria c=session.createCriteria(Emp.class);//passing Class class argument  
List list=c.list();


 To get the 20th to 30th record:

Crietria c=session.createCriteria(Emp.class);  
List list=c.list();


To get the records whose salary is greater than 50000 :

Crietria c=session.createCriteria(Emp.class);  
c.add("salary",50000));//salary is the propertyname  
List list=c.list();  


To get the records in ascending order on the basis of salary:

Crietria c=session.createCriteria(Emp.class);  
List list=c.list(); 

HCQL with Projection : If we want particular field such as name than we use projection

Criteria c=session.createCriteria(Emp.class);  
List list=c.list();