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Spring Boot Interview Questions 2

1. What is spring boot?
2. Why we need spring boot?
3. What is spring boot starter?
4. What is spring boot autoconfigurator?
5. What is spring boot initilizr?
6. What is spring boot cli?
7. What is spring boot actuator?
8. What are the advantages of spring boot?
9. How to create spring boot application using maven?
10. How to crate spring boot project using boot cli?
11. How to create spring boot application?
12. What are the spring boot annotations?
13. What is spring boot dependency management?
14. What are spring boot management?
15. What is thymeleaf?
16. How to use thymeleaf?
17. What is @RestController annotation?
18. What is @RequestMapping annotation?
19. How to connect spring boot application to database using JDBC?
20. Explain the differences between spring and spring boot?