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Knowledge Reaches You.The aim of this website is to serving the student community who are shy in nature and do not want to ask question in classroom.


OUR MISSION, has been promoted by Qualde Digital Services Private Limited which in turn has been promoted by a senior scientist, retired from ISRO. The portal mainly aims at the democratization of the education in India. It eventually will cover all the levels of education right from school, senior school and graduation plus skills required for competition and software languages. The endeavour is to inculcate tradition and sense of creativity by learning The present system of education is such that the schools, colleges and universities are almost out of reach for the masses. This portal makes an attempt to reach such a vast population which can depend upon self learning with minimal help from the teachers. ...We believe that the portal will be very helpful to the schools which are located in remote areas and/or have limited infrastructure facilities. It essentially is a low cost solution to empower the teachers and the students in such areas.

The portal is divided into two parts namely, services meant for institutional bodies like as schools, colleges or universities and for individuals who are interested in self-skilling, especially in the area of software learning and development. will be a great relief to the institutional bodies for running their institutions in an efficient manner. Maintenance of database of teachers and students is automated which is of great benefit, especially to the administrators of these bodies who can easily update and delete the records of the students or the teachers. Authorization facility for this services is provided for administrative functions. Every user will have their own profile after registration and verification of their data as entered by them.

The beginning has been made by having tutorials on various topics of software like Java, SQL, hibernate python etc. These tutorials are the result of an observation that the level of the skills of the graduates turned out by the universities are found wanting by the industry as an employer. There are many reasons for the shortcoming including the syllabus or the limitations of teachers. The portal is designed such that it provides opportunity to such persons for self -skilling including necessary exercises in programming to derive maximum benefit and confidence. Various steps in programming have been explained in simple language which even a high school student can follow and gainfully use in the real world environment.